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Crown Lengthening

Preparation that Can Assure an Effective Restorative Treatment

The extent of your tooth damage can affect the success of your dental restoration. A broken or severely decayed tooth can cause inflammation and further infection near your gum line that hinders restorative treatment.

Your next treatment could be more successful with crown lengthening. The procedure removes gum or bone tissue to expose and prepare your tooth for the next phase of treatment.

Gum tissue can be removed during your procedure to expose a healthy portion of your tooth structure. This enables treatment with a dental crown or a dental filling to be completed without the hinderance of excessive gum tissue.

Crown lengthening is also effective for treating the condition known as a “gummy smile.” This condition involves having too much gum tissue surrounding your upper, smile-zone teeth.

Contact our dental office in Weston about your tooth damage and gum health. Schedule an examination to discuss crown lengthening to assure an effective restorative procedure.