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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restore Your Oral Health and Your Smile Appearance

Trauma, decay, and oral disease can lead to tooth loss and further tooth damage. A full mouth reconstruction is an effective restoration for your tooth function and smile.

Your treatment plan can include a number of restorative procedures. Each treatment provides replacement or repair for your missing, damaged, or broken teeth.

A comprehensive oral examination is necessary to determine your treatment plan. The health of your teeth and gums will be examined and procedures will be recommended to restore their health.

Procedures can include periodontal (gum) treatment, dental fillings, dental implants, dental crowns, dentures, dental bridges, and veneers. Oral appliances including night guards can also provide a restorative benefit.

Contact Dr. Segal’s office about your tooth damage and/or your oral health improvement goals. Schedule a consultation and examination to discuss full mouth reconstruction solutions to restore your tooth function and smile appearance.