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Gum Grafting

Protect Your Teeth with Gum Restoration

Your oral health is affected by the health of your gum tissue. The tissue that surrounds your teeth is essential to their support and ongoing health.

Bacteria can attack your teeth where your gum tissue is missing, weakened, or receding. Periodontal (gum) disease can result if these conditions are untreated and can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Your tissue can be restored with a gum grafting procedure. The treatment repairs the areas around your teeth that are exposed from lack of healthy tissue.

Gum grafting uses tissue from a secondary source to provide a new protective covering for your tooth and underlying bone tissue. Your teeth and their roots are protected from infection and bone loss plus your gum line can be reshaped to improve your smile.

Contact Dr. Tamir Segal about your receding gums or related gum issues. Schedule an examination to discover how gum grafting can restore your gum health and appearance.