Bridge Implant

Implant Support for Tooth Replacement

Your surrounding, healthy teeth are affected by tooth loss. A bridge implant uses implant support and the support of your healthy teeth to restore your missing tooth without the need for multiple implants.

Healthy bone and gum tissue is necessary to support your bridge implant in the space between your teeth. Implants are placed in specific areas of your jaw to support your bridge.

A dental implant provide security by adapting to your bone and gum tissue. Your bridge will be placed onto your dental implant(s) following a healing period.

A bridge implant will restore your tooth function and appearance. The treatment enables you to eat, chew, and smile with confidence following tooth loss.

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If you have at least one or more missing teeth, it oral health issue become easier to develop which can worse that tooth decay, for example, speaking difficulties and even periodontal disease. A tooth bridge, otherwise called a dental bridge, helps you have to prevent surrounding teeth from disjoining or moving out of their right positions.

A bridge is a fixed machine fitted into the mouth to fill the gap brought about by missing teeth. This bridge is solidified to the “projection teeth” on either side of the gap, giving an anchor with the goal that it tends to be joined to either side your natural teeth or the crowns fitted over them. Your dental specialist places artificial “pontic teeth” onto the bridge, in the space between the projection teeth.

When you need Bridge Implant-

1. The adjacent teeth start to loosen, which makes them move out of their right positions.
2. Loose teeth in kids may complicate the eruption of permanent teeth, urging them to come through inappropriately.
3. Gaps and movement in teeth can influence your bite, making issues for your jaw and interrupting your strength to talk and bite.

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