Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Cosmetic periodontal systems are a helpful method to cover unattractive, sensitive or exposed root surfaces and to avoid future gum decline. In case you are depressed with the presence of short, unattractive teeth this can be improved by a combination of periodontal procedures and cosmetic dentistry by your specialist. In spite of the fact that your teeth seem short, they may really be the best possible length. The teeth might be covered with a lot of gum tissue. We can address this by performing the periodontal plastic surgery procedure, crown lengthening. During this procedure, extra gum and bone tissue are reshaped to uncover a greater amount of the natural tooth. This should be possible to more than one tooth, to even your gum line, and to make a wonderful smile.

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Few problems cosmetic periodontal surgery can resolve are:

Excess Tissue: “crown lengthening” can be performed to reduce a gummy smile, in which gum tissue is removed to expose more tooth surface.

Receding Gums: When the portion of your tooth roots get exposed due to gum shrinkage, which has no enamel covering, and makes roots sensitive to cold or touch. There are various gum-grafting procedures to resolve this problem.

Uneven Gum Line: We can reshape your uneven gum line with a very pleasing effect. This can be done conventionally with a surgical scalpel or with newer dental laser technology. The advantage of a laser is that it seals the tissue as it sculpts it, making the procedure more comfortable and requiring a shorter recovering time.

All cosmetic gum medical surgery can be performed at the dental office — and it as a rule requires just a local anesthetic (desensitizing shot). For laser surgery procedure you may require just a topical anesthetic applied in gel form. Laser surgery procedure leaves no open injuries and causes insignificant, uneasiness. A test is required to decide if ordinary or laser treatment is to your greatest advantage. If you are not satisfied with the manner in which your teeth and gums look, have a word with your specialist to check whether gum contouring medical surgery is good for you. In any case, do remember, with any cosmetic surgery, the final result depends upon the knowledge of the specialist. Do not go to just anyone. Do your homework and make sure you are comfortable with the specialist’s abilities.

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