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Periodontics is the treatment of all the supporting structures of the teeth. It involves several different procedures like gum disease treatment, gum surgery, all on 4, single tooth implants, full teeth implants, crowns, TADs treatment, and regenerative procedures, etc. Dr. Tamir Segal is South Florida’s leading periodontist who holds over 20 years of experience in periodontics surgery treatments. Many families all over South Florida visit Dr. Tamir Segal for his expertise in Dental Implantology.

As a preferred South Florida Periodontist, Dr. Tamir Segal, Periodontist, provides a wide range of treatments such as:

All-on-4 is an effective alternative to single implants. Patients who need to replace an entire arch or both arches of their teeth can choose this treatment. It involves implanting four posts per arch and installing dental bridges on them. The posts support all the teeth, so there’s no need to add dozens of implants in your mouth.

All-on-4 is a less invasive procedure that provides great results. There’s no need for you to worry about the bridges falling off. Patients can maintain a good lifestyle after the procedure and don’t need to worry about things like losing their jaw shape.

This procedure maintains the integrity of the jawbone and gives you permanent teeth. The bridges can last for anywhere between 7 to 16 years without any trouble depending on each patient. This is a quick and easy procedure because the dentist only needs to implant four posts. You can get new teeth in a day and don’t have to deal with a long healing period.

Dr. Tamir Segal places over 10 All On Four ® treatments every week, so if you are looking for an experienced Periodontist who focuses in Dental Implantology, then call Dr. Tamir Segal at (954) 385-9599.

All-in-4 isn’t for all patients, and sometimes patients need individual dental implants (single tooth implants or few implants in different places) to get the best results. Dr. Segal takes the time to understand the underlying condition and determine which treatment option is the best choice for his patient. If you’re missing just two or three teeth, dental implants are the best way to replace them and prevent bone loss and get you a beautiful smile.

Implants are strong and made from titanium. They are embedded in the jawbone and meld in smoothly with the surrounding organic matter. It is possible to replace a single tooth with this procedure or to get full dental implants.

If you are looking to get tooth implants done by the most preferred South Florida Periodontist, then contact Dr. Tamir Segal for an appointment.

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Wisdom teeth start emerging late and cause a lot of problems. Some patients don’t need to worry about them because they emerge completely or don’t emerge at all. Most patients have to deal with impacted wisdom teeth and other such problems. If there isn’t enough room for the teeth to grow fully, it can lead to problems like infections and decay.

Dentists always recommend removing wisdom teeth before they have a chance to cause oral health problems. Extraction won’t compromise your ability to chew or carry on with your lifestyle.

Dr. Tamir Segal is an expert in wisdom tooth extractions (oral surgery). He can surgically remove impacted wisdom teeth, fully bony, partial bony, or just simple regular wisdom teeth.

Periodontic surgery can treat several ailments. Our dentist can use it as a cosmetic solution to correct the length of your teeth and the appearance of your gums. Surgery is also the best solution for exposed roots and receding gum lines. Our dentist will only recommend periodontics surgery if you truly need it.

Surgery can address a wide range of dental problem, and it can be performed under IV sedation. This form of sedation ensures the patient is asleep throughout the procedure and experiences no pain.

Gums offer essential support to your teeth, and they should be healthy. However, without proper support, the teeth might become loose, and their roots might be exposed. Gum grafting helps improve this support system and ensure there’s enough tissue matter to support the teeth fully. Sometimes Dr. Segal needs to conduct gum grafting before a tooth implant procedure to ensure it is successful.

Our other services include sinus lift, scaling and tooth planing, tooth exposure, and laser dentistry. If you want to know more South Florida’s leading periodontics and dental implant center services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our periodontist, Dr. Tamir Segal. You can call (954) 385-9599 or use the contact us form to book an appointment.

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