Teeth in a Day

Teeth in One Day are custom made dental implants utilizing All-on-4 technology that re-establishes the full set of upper or lower teeth. They are substitution teeth using only four dental implants. More or less, Teeth In One Day are a beautiful new set of permanent teeth that can turn into your new smile in a one-day procedure attaching them to only four inserts! Teeth in a Day dental implants give the look, strength, and capacity of natural teeth. You won’t almost certainly remove the artificial teeth, so you will never need to worry about over your teeth dropping out or future bone loss in your jaw. You will be able to enjoy foods that you once had to avoid.

After you visit our clinic in the morning on a decided day. Your problem teeth are removed and specialized dental implants are placed. Then we will give you some time to relax and meanwhile in our expert lab will prepared new customized teeth. In the afternoon, we will place your new tooth and fix them in the place. Now you can enjoy your dinner in the evening with the new teeth, which is fixed, solid.

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The New Teeth in One Day system includes setting four to six uniquely planned implants in key positions on your curve where the bone is of the highest volume and thickness. The implant placement will give the most grounded help to your implants and teeth. This includes setting the placing the rear implants at a point to use the densest bone in the jaw.

This system removes the requirement for bone grafting in by far most of the cases and includes individuals with a serious bone loss who were not eligible for implants before the New Teeth in One Day technology. Since bone grafting is removed much of the time, getting forever fixed-in teeth is quicker, more effective and more moderate than ever before.

After initial diagnosis and appointments, the specialist will perform out the whole procedure at the same time. This will include any required extractions, setting every one of your implants and furnishing you with a quick, functional and aesthetic set of fixed-in teeth. In two or three months, when the implant has completely recovered, your specialists will place the final new teeth. They will feel and function like natural teeth and will have a wonderful, real look.

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